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Hanukkah Presents in 2023

It is not about the presents

But it is fun to see and remember them

Popits (night 1)

These were given to the kids by their mom from her trip to Colorado this year. Unfortunately, they make this annoying popping sound every time they shoot the ball out of their mouths. Kids love them, Dad is annoyed by them. They also got some color changing puddy (sorry no photos).

3 Frame Map (night 3)

Here is a neat 3-frame map of the world for Sam from Mimi and Pop-Pop.

Board of Rainbow Needles (night 3)

Henry cannot stop playing with this bed of needles from Mimi and Pop-Pop. He loves the noise and the feel. I hear it shaking all the time.

Family Tent (night 3)

This family tent is ready for use. Who is brave enough to test it out in winter? Not I.

Camping Supplies (night 4)

Sam got some camping cup the fold and stack from Mimi and Pop-Pop. He also got a bunch of water-proof cases for his phone. He wants to test them in the tub already.

Stuffed Dog (night 4)

Henry got a stuffed dog toy from Mimi and Pop-Pop. It just hangs out in his room.

Bike Art and Book (night 4)

I got this interesting biking wire-frame sculpture from Mimi and Pop-Pop. But more to my taste was a book of biking short poems and quotes. It is a joy to read.

Rice Krispies (night 4)

I know this is weird, but Meg really likes Rice Krispy treats so I made her a tray for dessert tonight. We are counting that as a present since she likes them so much.

Apron & Chocolate Passport (night 5)

Meg is looking fine is this new kitchen apron. Accompanying the gift was a box of chocolate passports.

Venus Fly Trap (night 5)

Meg got Sam a Venus Fly Trap in a terrarium. Let's see how long we can get this one to last.

Punching Balloon (night 5)

Meg got Henry a punching balloon. He had lots of fun with it, but the jelly string is starting to crack and break. Then it will be a punching balloon that you have to retrieve.

Earbuds (night 6)

There are always some dull nights on Hanukkah. Night 6 was one of those nights. Both boys got a pair of bluetooth earbuds. The funny story behind these is that I found a group deal on newegg that droppped the price of these down to $5 so I ordered two to have as backup for anyone. When they arrived, they turned into Hanukkah gifts.

Simon and Squishy Thing (night 7)

Henry got a fake Simon Says toy that is interesting, but not quite up to the standards of the game we know from our past. Instead of adding a new step each time, the game restarts back to 1 after you get up to 3. Then it will restart at 1 when you get to 4. Too slow for our tastes. He also got this Squishy Thing. Thanks Mimi and Pop-Pop. I think Sam skipped presents this night in favor of more computer time.

Sock Night (night 8)

What kind of holiday gift giving would it be without a sock night. Henry got not only socks, but some margaritaville chocolate m&ms and a chocolate popsicle. Sam also got the chocolate m&ms one night, but I forgot to document those.

Lego Night (night 8)

Meg found this London skyline Leg set for Sam and he was enthrawed for about 2 hours. It was perfect as he was coming off of a day home from school due to a slight cold.