These are gallery tests for image wrapped in <figure> elements.

To place a gallery add the necessary YAML Front Matter:

And then drop-in the gallery include — gallery caption is optional.

{% include gallery caption="This is a sample gallery with **Markdown support**." %}
This is a sample gallery with Markdown support.

This is some text after the gallery just to make sure that everything aligns properly.

Here comes another gallery, this time set the id to match 2nd gallery hash in YAML Front Matter.

  - url:
    alt: "Black and grays with a hint of green"
  - url:
    alt: "Made for open text placement"
  - url:
    alt: "Fog in the trees"

And place it like so:

{% include gallery id="gallery2" caption="This is a second gallery example with images hosted externally." %}
Black and grays with a hint of green Made for open text placement Fog in the trees
This is a second gallery example with images hosted externally.

And for giggles one more gallery just to make sure this works. To fill page content container add class="full".

This is a third gallery example with two images and fills the entire content container.

Gallery column layout can be overrided by setting a layout.

{% include gallery id="gallery" layout="half" caption="This is a half gallery layout example." %}
This is a half gallery layout example.



4 minute read

We are nothing but what came before us and luck.

Oh Rats

3 minute read

They were such nice little creatures.

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Elimination Diet, 1 week in

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Do you want to know a good way to bring in the new year? My 10th answer would be to remove nearly every food item from your diet for a week and see how you f...

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Christmas 2022 - Back to Church (after 8 years)

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Riding the wave of positive family religious experiences of late (see Sam’s Bar Mitzvah), we decided to venture back to church after about an 8-year respite....

Sam’s Bar Mitzvah

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You see it coming 18,000 miles away. Not to worry.

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Leg warmers were a thing. Then they were not a thing. Then they were ostensibly extinct.

Diet and Heart Disease

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I recently went for a jog and listened to Peter Attia, M.D. interview Erin Michols, M.D. on the topic of cardiovascular disease in women. Though the podcast...

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