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4 minute read

We are nothing but what came before us and luck.

Oh Rats

3 minute read

They were such nice little creatures.

Bike Overhaul

3 minute read

The story from Biking MD continues. After multiple lunch-time trips around the BWI path, the old 1971 Schwinn “knock-off” (it was made in Japan and only show...

Hanukkah 2023

3 minute read

Hanukkah Presents in 2023 It is not about the presents But it is fun to see and remember them Popits (night 1) These were given to the kids by t...

Electrolyte Water

3 minute read

I was listening to a podcast not too long ago discussing hydration (See Huberman Lab on my podcast list (Podcasts)). The episode titled “Water and Your Healt...

Elimination Diet Eliminated

3 minute read

Over the last many weeks, I have reintroduced nearly every food group back into my diet sans any animal derived foods. To tell the truth, I noticed no signif...